Thursday, January 3, 2013

Playing catch up...

Wow! The Holiday season has come and gone and I tried to enjoy EVERY moment of it. I took a blog break so I could focus on family and friend time which is going to make for a very long "returning" post. :)
We had an extremely busy December. We spent time at church, with friends, and just enjoying the time off from school and work. I captured some of the activities on my phone but I was so caught up in Christmas Eve and Day activities that I neglected to take pics. I know, I suck!
I took LG to "PJ Story time" at our church on Dec. 20. All the kids wear their pajamas and our pastor tells the story of Jesus' birth.
 I wanted LG and I to take some time during the holidays to "give back" to others. We were given a wonderful opportunity to serve dinner at LeBonheur with the Go Lucy Go Foundation on Dec. 21. BTW~Andy keeps Carson at home while LG and I do most activities that occur either late afternoon or at night because Carson goes to bed at 6 pm and is a complete mess if he doesn't. Didn't want you to think the boys did not want to be involved. ;)
 There was so much food and we were able to provide dinner to almost 200 people~parents and children who were staying at LeBonheur during the holidays.
 These are all the toys that the children got to pick from for their Christmas gifts.
 LG spent most of her time helping another little girl fix the drinks.
 She took a picture "riding" a reindeer that was a decoration in the hospital's lobby.
 One morning we all went to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. Yes, Carson ate an entire box of cinnamon roll bites.
 We visited my best friend, Caroline, who has been sick with kidney disease for quite some time and while we were there, her parents gave LG a small guitar. She loves it so much~she sleeps with it, takes it everywhere, plays it in the car and wherever she can play it. She also got a keyboard from my mom for Christmas. We may put her in piano or guitar lessons at some point because she loves playing instruments so much.
 Our close friends, the Davenports, came down from Burlington, Vermont for a couple of days during the holidays. We had dinner with them and some other friends and visited for a while. LG got to see her buddy, Taylor.
 Also during December, Carson started sleeping on a cot at daycare. Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?! How do they keep him from getting up? It's a Christmas miracle...
 Andy's sister is getting married in November '13 and asked me to be her Matron of Honor. She asked me by leaving a bottle of wine on my counter. It had a sticker on it which read, "Michelle, will you be my matron of honor? Love~Sarah" So thoughtful and sweet!
We celebrated a good friend's birthday at the Silly Goose downtown.
On New Year's Eve we went to dinner with some friends at a great restaurant in Southaven~Wadford's. It is a deceiving little place~kind of looks like a hole in the wall but has excellent food and a cool atmosphere.
Later we went to The Boiling Point to hear a fun 80's band and dance. We had a good night and were in bed by 1:30 am.
New Year's Day we had a lazy day, only getting out to go get lunch at Hooter's~one of our favorite places to eat! I wish we had gotten a pic of Carson with a Hooter's girl. Next time for sure!!
Overall, our holidays were busy, fun, and filled with those we love~we couldn't have asked for a better season. 
Happy New Year everybody!!!

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