Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good deeds

Yesterday 100 LIVE bullfrogs were delivered to Kingsbury for the purpose of dissection in the Biology class. However, my good friend and co-worker, Herb ordered preserved frogs and not live ones. So, when he called the company to request dead frogs, they advised him that if he sent the live frogs back, they would all die. They told him to set the live frogs free do whatever he wanted to with the live frogs and they would send him 100 new dead preserved frogs free of charge. BTW~that was $500 worth of bullfrogs!
Herb was going to take all 100 frogs and set them free in a location not to be disclosed so I offered to take 50 to my house and set them free in a nearby lake~meaning Andy would take them somewhere and set them free. :) I called Andy on the way home to tell him of his new task and needless to say, he was not at all happy. I was confused because I was under the impression that I was doing something good. Well, he pitched a little fit. I get home with the frogs taped up in a box in the back of my car. I rush in, get LG ready for choir (Wednesdays are always super busy because I go straight from work, get LG, give her a bath, and leave to get to church by 5:30 with NO time to spare). As she and I are getting ready to leave, we go out in the garage to move the frogs from my car to Andy's and what do we see? A cute little schnauzer who seemed to be lost. She and I try to get him to come to us but he trots off down the street, all the way down to the other end of our street. He finally stops at this door and we are able to corner him. I was scared to touch his collar for fear that he may bite my hand off. I mean, for all I know he has the teeth of a pit bull. ;) He was scared and cold and so were we. We rang the doorbell at this house, thinking it might be his or they could help us but no one was home. After trying to decide how to get him back to my house, I get LG to run home while I watch her and get her daddy to give her a leash. Let me just say, I would never have even thought about bringing another animal home at this point but he had a tag with an ID number on it~you just call 1-866-60-FOUND, tell them the # and they tell you the owner. We get the dog home and Andy says, "Why do we have a dog in our house?" I explained that all we had to do was call the # on the tag and we could find his owner. No big deal, right? Wrong! We called the # and they said that the owner had set an account up but had never registered the dog. Oops~and now it was past time for LG and I to leave to go to choir. As we are walking out the door Andy says, "So you're leaving me here with a baby, 2 dogs, and 50 frogs?" and as we are driving off he hollers, "DON'T DO ANYMORE GOOD DEEDS TODAY!!!!!!" (I had to put it in all caps so you could get the gist.) I then noticed that the garage of the house where the dog ran to was open. LG and I went down, knocked on the door and asked the lady if she had lost her dog. She looked around and realized that she had indeed misplaced her dog~Charlie. I was so relieved in an "I was right" kind of way. I called Andy and let him know that Charlie's mama was on her way to get him and that if Karma is a real thing, I hoped we would get ours back based on the things I do and not him!
And when we got back from church, the frogs were happily living in some new habitat. 
All's well that ends well! 

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