Monday, January 14, 2013

14 months, a little sick and a little play

Carson will be 14 months old tomorrow! I took him to the dr last Tuesday for several reasons~1. because he was wheezing, 2. because he was super fussy, and 3. because he hadn't really eaten in two days! Big red flag!! Not that I have to tell you but he eats All.The.Time! So needless to say I was concerned. We waited in the lobby for 30 minutes and then back in the office for another 30 minutes. Right before the dr walked in, Carson got out of my lap and lay down on the floor with his lovey in one hand and his two fingers of the other hand in his mouth. I grabbed my cell phone to take a pic and the dr walked in! 
BUSTED!!!! Mom of the Year taking pic of son laying on germ infested clinic floor!
Even though he didn't eat for 2 days, he still weighed 30 lbs, 1 oz!! Dr. Lacy said if he had to guess that Carson probably had RSV. We kept him home Monday thru Wednesday until his wheezing was pretty much gone. He has been on breathing treatments twice a day for about a week.
Andy sent me this pic on Wednesday when he was obviously feeling better.
 Carson and LG play so well together. I love it! If he cries, she comforts him. They can sit in his room and play on the floor for hours. He will play in her floor in her room while she draws on her easel. It makes my heart smile to see how their relationship is growing.
A few Carson stats before I forget: He is walking very well, he says Hi, Pep~for Peppi, Pup~for his lovey, Puppy, Boo, pretends to sneeze by saying, Ahhhhhh, Boo! It is so so so cute! I caught it on video so if you're ever around me and want to see it, just ask and I'll show you. He says, Mama and knows he's talking to me! He says Daaaa whenever he sees Andy. He says "Ta" for Lilley Grace because we call her "Sista" so for him it comes out "Ta." He says, "Chloooo" for Chloe and leaves his mouth in the O position for like 3 seconds after~caught that on the video too. So stinkin cute. He is pointing alot. My mom taught him to point at lights and say "light" but it sounds more like tsssssss~don't really know what that's all about. She also taught him to point to his and other people's noses. He says Uh-Oh and purposely throws things on the floor over and over and over again just to watch us pick it up~I remember hating this stage with LG. He ALWAYS kicks off his left shoe and pulls off his left sock so much that they call him "lefty" at daycare. You will almost never see him with that shoe on. As soon as I put it on, he kicks it off with his right foot. His two bottom molars are coming in~that's been a real joy on top of the illness. :) Size 24 month clothes, size 5 diapers and size 6 shoes~Shaquille O'Neal ain't got nothin on this baby.
I think that's about it for now. I will be taking him back to the dr for his 15 month check-up soon so more stats to come.

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  1. He's too cute!! I love that he and his "Ta" are such good friends already! How sweet.

    Hope he's feeling better!