Friday, March 30, 2012

Update on the update...

Carson is perfectly normal!! He does not have a vascular ring or anything else compressing his esophagus or trachea. He doesn't even have acid reflux, which he has been on meds for since he was 5 weeks old!! The dr, radiology tech and nurses at LeBonheur are the BEST!! The dr was training an intern so he was thinking out loud as the test was running. I was nervous about that at first and kept asking him questions. He finally told the intern that I was the "typical helicopter mom, hovering over her baby." LOL!! He later asked me if he offended me when he said that and I told him, "No" but that I was going to blog about it and asked if I could take his picture.

Dr. Young and Carson

Carson so was so good, as usual. He drank that Barium like it was kool-aid and stayed pretty still while he was being x-rayed. He has undergone lots of tests and procedures in his short life and he ALWAYS has a smile on his face...unless he's hungry...imagine that!! :)

Praise God that my prayers were answered and my baby is healthy!!! Thanks for all your prayers as well.


  1. Glad he's okay and that there's nothing wrong with him! Do they know what caused his spell?

  2. Emily~He has a virus that has given him a double ear infection and congestion. When they are babies, they can't cough the mucus out so it gets into their chests and causes bronchial inflammation. And dr's can't give small babies anything to help so they just have to get over it. :(