Monday, March 5, 2012

Big ole baby and childhood insights

Carson looked so cute yesterday in his church clothes! My mom said he looked like a football player and he really does! I was holding him and saying, "Hurry, take the picture!" because my arm was hurting! LOL!!

When I dropped LG off in her Sunday school class yesterday her teacher told this story and then sent it out in an email to the parents of the class in their weekly class email:

"Last week, in teaching the story of Jesus feeding the 5000, a teacher said that Jesus always talked to His Father, God, and God always answered Him. One of your precious ones said with all confidence, "I heard from God this morning." When the teacher asked her for a further explanation she replied, "He was talking through the ceiling as I came into church!" From now on I will chuckle each time I hear a voice via the 2nd Presbyterian sound system!"~Mrs. Sarah Gaye

That "precious one" was LG!! TOO stinkin' precious!!!

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