Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lesson #51

A little background story~when LG was around 18 months old, she was holding her snack grabber full of fruit snacks. She took the top off and they spilled out on the floor in the den. I scooped up the snacks and put them back in her snack grabber. I then went into my bathroom to finish getting ready. A few minutes later she came into the bathroom crying and said she had eaten "poop." I told her there was no way she had eaten poop and asked her if she just ate a fruit snack that she didn't like. She handed me the "fruit snack" after she spit it out and it was indeed a piece of poop!!! OMG~I had scooped up a small piece of poop that Bella had so graciously left on the floor when I was getting her snacks!!!! I laughed so hard and of course, she continued to cry! We brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth out.

Fast forward 2 years to this morning~While LG was getting ready for school, Bella would not stop licking her and LG yelled, "Bella stop licking me with your nasty tongue!!" So while Andy was driving her to school she said, "Lesson #51, sometimes when your dog comes up to you she licks you with her nasty tongue...and sometimes she poops in your snack grabber." LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Andy said, "What lesson is that?" and she replied, "Lesson #52." How funny is that?! I can't believe she still remembers about that poop!! She can't remember to say, "Yes mam" even though she's reminded 100 times a day but she remembers that I accidentally put a piece of poop in her snack grabber over two years ago. I guess the woman's selective memory skill starts early!! :)

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