Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun at the zoo!

Last Saturday Andy and I took LG to the zoo mainly because we haven't been in a while and it was a beautiful day. We didn't realize that it was opening day for the dinosaur exhibit so it took us forever to get into the zoo, we had to park really far away (in a field) and it was packed up inside. We had a great time though and we got to see all the animals we wanted to. All the animals were out probably because they were enjoying the pretty day too.
LG rode the merry go round
She got her face painted
This meerkat looks like he's enjoying the day too!! If I could take any of the zoo animals home, I would take the meerkats!! So cute!
We had a really great time and I am so glad we have such a wonderful zoo right here that we can visit any time we want.

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