Thursday, March 22, 2012

ENT again...

LG had to go to the ENT again yesterday for a follow-up (after a 6 week round of Dimetapp and 7 days of antibiotics). She did have some fluid still in her left ear but Dr. Cunningham said they look so much better than they did 6 weeks ago. He wants her to continue to take Dimetapp for 3 more months and then he wants to see her again to assess the need for a second set of tubes. I thought this part of the visit was funny:

LG had to get a hearing test. She was standing up so Ms. Sarah (the tech) squatted down so she could get the device in LG's ear so since Ms. Sarah squatted down, so did LG. So Ms. Sarah had to kneel down even further on the floor so naturally, LG knelt down even further. This is how the test was done:

Get low

Get Lower

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