Saturday, February 11, 2012


LG is the "star student" at her school next week. This means she gets to bring 5 of her favorite items and pictures of our family to show to her class. She also got to bring Pauli-Hulk home for the weekend. Pauli-Hulk is the parrot she is "feeding" in the above picture. She gets to draw a picture of what she and Pauli-Hulk do and tell a story about it. Andy and I have to help her write it in a book with those stories of her classmates who were previously star students. She got P-H yesterday and he ate dinner beside her, slept with her, ate breakfast with her and is going to spend the night at her Mimi's with her tonight. I'm sure he will go to church with us tomorrow. As you can see, she is SO excited to have Pauli-Hulk with her!

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  1. L G so proud of you!!!!
    Your Fairy Great God Mother