Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Always a story...

Since I was little, people have always asked me to tell them a "Jo Lilley story." If you don't know who Jo Lilley is, she's my mama. Let me tell you, there are some FUNNY stories about Jo Lilley. By the way, you can't say just Jo, everybody says Jo Lilley (first and last names). LOL! My daddy was a great story teller and to hear him tell one of her stories would have you laughing for days! One time a good friend told me that the one thing I'm really good at is telling a story, so "big ups" to my dad for passing along the gift and "bigger ups" to my mom for giving us material! For example, she needed to refill a prescription one time and she kept calling Walgreen's but the line was busy. After the entire afternoon of it being busy, I finally asked her what # she was calling. She explained that she was calling the # on the bottle that read, "Patient #. You know," she said, "the # that the patients are supposed to call." I said, "No, that's the PATIENT'S PHONE #, crazy woman!! You've been calling your own phone # all day!!!!!!" Bahahahahahahaha!!

So, here's the story for the day:

My mom and I both left for work around 6:30 am. Andy doesn't leave the house til around 7:30 am and he always calls me on the way to drop the kids off. This morning he calls me and says, "Guess what is in my passenger's seat." I said, "What?" He says, "One black shoe with a silver buckle." Puzzled, I sat there for a second and then it hit me! My crazy mother wore two different shoes to work!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!~they are two totally different shoes! Please see the picture below! One covers almost the whole top of her foot and the other is about two inches different on top!!

Oh, dear Lord, please tell me that's not hereditary and comes on with age!!

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  1. LOL! The phone # story is awesome!!

    Maybe her room was dark when she got dressed this morning!! Or maybe it was mix-match day at her workhouse!!! (That's the story I'd go with if I were her!!!)

    Your mom sounds like a fun lady!