Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it possible...

for a 3 month old to weigh 18 lbs 13 oz?!!! Obviously it is because mine does!! Andy took Carson to the dr today because he has a giant ringworm on the back of his head! Worst place possible! To cure ringworm in the scalp one has to take an oral medication and 3 month olds cannot take those oral medications!! So~he is on a special shampoo and lotrimin cream for 3-4 WEEKS!! If it doesn't clear up in a few weeks or at least look better, he has to go to a dermatologist to get a skin scrape. That just sounds like it hurts and I'm sure it does. But Dr. O'Brien was really more concerned about the fact that he weighs so much. She said we could probably back down off the formula and he would still be getting enough but she doesn't know my child! If we backed down to 6 oz every bottle, he would kill us in our sleep! :) We have hit the ceiling of the formula at 40 oz a day so we won't be going any higher but I'm definitely not going down either. I'll keep you posted on the massive ringworm!

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