Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dr said...

...once he took LG's tonsils out, he thought she would be a different person...I didn't know he meant she would literally be a different child and NOT in a good way. Since Friday she has been mean, angry, disobedient, non receptive to discipline. She yells, she throws crying, screaming, hitting, kicking fits that can last up to an hour. It has been horrible. This has gone on every day, pretty much all day for 4 days. I have tried every form of punishment in the book and even tried to be supportive, tried to ignore her, etc. and nothing is working!! I don't know if this is normal for her age or because she's been sick, or both, or something totally different. Regardless, I don't know what to do. I am at my wits end and the pregnancy hormones don't help. We took her out yesterday to celebrate her 3rd b-day (which isn't til July 29) at her MiMi's house. You would never know it by the picture below what we have been going through but that was a bright moment in a series of bad ones.

It breaks my heart that she is having such a hard time. I know this will pass but I can't console her or reason with her and that makes me sad~tears :(.

As far as the surgery goes, last Thursday was the worst day physically for her. She hadn't eaten in two days. She threw everything up that she ate/drank. She had a fever between 100-101 til Friday morning. I think she was having a reaction to the Tylenol w/Codeine so I took her off of it and switched her to regular tylenol. She may be angry with me for forcing her to take that horrible medicine, even though she told me it burned her tongue and it clearly wasn't making things "better," which is why I kept telling her she had to take it. Once I switched her to regular tylenol (Friday morning after she threw up in my hand while I was trying to give her the other tylenol) she stopped throwing up, started eating and drinking more, fever was gone, etc. which I thought would be great and we would start to see a happier child. Not so much. On top of all of the temper tantrums, she has started saying over the last couple of days that she is scared to be by herself and even said this morning at 6:55 AM that she didn't want to stay asleep in her room because there were monsters in there. I don't even know where she got that from. She has been sleeping in her room by herself for 3 years!!!!! I am taking her in to see her ENT this afternoon. Even though we weren't supposed to go back for 3 more weeks, I want to make sure she is not in some sort of horrible pain that is causing her to act this way. I hope and pray that we can get all of this under control soon. Please say a prayer for her...and me. :)

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