Monday, October 1, 2012

There's a first time for everything

This past Saturday, Andy, LG, Carson, and I all went downtown to a church to participate with our Sunday School class in a service project. We were helping All Saints Presbyterian Church clean up a vacant lot in a extremely unfortunate part of town. On one corner is a club, on the other is a well known drug house and on the other is the corner store where everybody gets their beer for the day. This is the lot where everyone is busy cleaning, mulching, planting herbs, and setting up for a lunch cook-out.
There were so many  neighborhood people walking up and down the street, so many opportunities for witnessing. I absolutely loved it! LG and Andy worked hard landscaping. This is the first "first"~LG mulching. She helped for an hour. 
Carson and I were the social committee. We talked to everybody that walked by and heard some sad stories. Everyone in the neighborhood made us feel so welcomed. We met so many sweet but troubled people. This is "ReRe" and some of her friends.
Second "first"~ReRe gave Carson a Chico Stick to suck on when he was crying...hard candy with PEANUT BUTTER in the middle.Guess we know he's not allergic now...
Third "first"~LG was acting up at the beginning so I made her sit in time-out which happened to be on the corner of Jefferson and Claybrook where we were working.
 Don't worry, I didn't go far. After about a minute, Frank, an ex-addict from that neighborhood turned active church member, had a talk with LG about being a big girl and obeying your parents. She was an absolute angel the rest of the time we were there.
This is Frank helping to set up the grill.
 I could do that EVERY weekend. I am looking forward to more service opportunities in that neighborhood.
Fourth "first"~Carson and LG were taking a bath last night. I got LG out first and dried her off while the water was draining out and Carson was still playing. I turned my head for 5 seconds and when I turned back around, Carson had pooped in the tub!!!! AHHHH!!!! I mean, he pooped ALOT! I screamed for Andy to come and help me. Even though that is one of the most disgusting things I have ever dealt with, how can I get mad at a baby with a face like this? :)
 Fifth and final "first"~Carson crawled up the stairs yesterday. Luckily my mom and I were standing right there talking. I looked over and he was at stair 3. What?! We stood behind him and watched him crawl almost the top. 
He went to the doctor this morning because he woke up last night around 9 pm and cried on and off for about an hour. Even though he didn't have any fever and no visible signs of illness, I knew something was wrong so I gave him some Benadryl and Ibuprofen. Andy took him to the dr this morning and she said he had an infection in his left ear (the second in 3 weeks). She put him back on Cefdinir. I called our ENT to see if tubes are in the near future.I am waiting on a return call from them. He weighed 27 lbs 14 oz. I'm sure that's not a first but the dr did say it would be good exercise for him if we allowed him to crawl up the stairs with us right there. LOL!!! So~a baby exercising at 10 months old might just be a first! :)

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