Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The last few weeks...

I have started to feel that I should only post if I have a picture to go with whatever I am talking about. I don't know if it's because I enjoy looking at other people's blog pictures so much or what but I have waited to post on a lot of stuff until I had some pics. 
Carson turned 10 months old on September 15. It would be an underestimation to say he is getting big~I don't even know the word for it is...huge, maybe, but he is the length and weight of the average 2 year old. I had to switch him to 24 month clothes. I was in complete denial for a while but our pediatrician told Andy (when he took him in to see why he was running a fever) that the 18 month outfit he had on was too small. Ahhhh! What?! He weighed 27.9 lbs that day. I keep thinking at any minute he will start to level off but at this rate, he'll be in 3T clothes by his 1 year b-day.
I had a grant planning meeting last Saturday at the public library and I had to take Carson with me. We were there for 2 1/2 hours and Carson got sleepy during the last 45 minutes. Bradshaw tried to get him to go to sleep by bouncing him up and down. Not happening~there was too much going on for him to rest. But just check out how long he is. 
He crawled around on the floor for most of the time and tended to get in people's business. Can you find him here? :)
If you look closely, he is at the other end of the table and all you can see are his eyes and his forehead peeking up at my friend/co-worker, Brooke.
Speaking of Brooke, she and her husband (Andy's BFF, Brian) live super close to us now. We love it! Last Sunday we took all of our kids to Desoto Central Primary school to play~they have a fabulous playground!
This is Brooke and Brian's youngest. Carson is 3 months older than her and 13 lbs heavier. I did her hair. :)
  Their oldest son is 25 months old~15 months older than Carson~and Carson weighs 7 lbs more than him!
Friday night, our cousin cheered at the high school game as part of a cheerleading clinic. LG was so excited about being there and hanging with the "big" girls.
This is all the young cheerleaders lined up at the end zone during the first quarter. LG memorized one of the cheers they did and kept doing it all weekend. :)
We had a fun weekend. I love this time of year~football games, cool, crisp weather, pumpkins, Halloween, Fall festivities! I am looking forward to many more fun weekends to come!

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