Friday, September 7, 2012

A mouse in the house...

The most interesting thing that happened to me this week was that there was a baby mouse in my office. He was so cute! We caught him in a box and asked some kids to take him outside to the back of the soccer field. Instead, they took him to their wrestling coach, who called a friend at Petco. This friend assured the coach that he would take "Boo Boo" the mouse and raise him at Petco. Hmmm...I hope he doesn't end up as snake food. :)
LG went to her BFF's b-day party at the JUMP place last Saturday and had to be right beside him~on the b-day throne with him~while he opened his presents. I swear I told her she couldn't and only if he wanted her to, could she get up there with him. She promptly asked him and like a typical man, he couldn't say no. LOL!!!
LG started choir this past Wednesday night and I started a bible study on John with one of my favorite associate pastors, Tim Russell. He makes you want to jump out of your seat and praise Jesus!!~that's my little touch of Baptist in my Presbyterian church. Last week, LG sang "Mary Had a Little Lamb" for us and when she got to the end of the first stanza she sang:
"His feet was white as snow." 
Oh my gosh!! How precious is that? Of course, we did not correct her. If that is any indication of how choir is going to go, it is going to be a fun semester!!!
Not sure if you've noticed this but Carson has got some big ole thighs! He just keeps getting bigger and bigger. There is no amount of crawling or walking that can help this boy right now. I love it~every pound of it! We saw a pediatrician at our church last Sunday whose son weighs 21 lbs at 4 months. So now I feel completely justified~if a pediatrician can raise a fat baby, so can I! ;)
And Chloe continues to be an escape artist. No matter how we rig up the gate in the door, she gets out. It's kind of funny. Today, I just told Andy to shut the laundry room door. I'm sure she'll either figure out how to open the door, smoosh herself down flat like a mouse and crawl under it, or scratch a hole clean through it. I guess I'll see when I get home. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love this post :) Y'all are just so fun! Miss you!!!