Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My birthday and a trip to the ER

My birthday was Monday and I had a fabulous day for the most part...more on that to come :) I celebrated with some family and friends the Saturday before by going to dinner at the best Mexican restaurant around~Rancho Grande, affectionately referred to as "The Ranch." We had good food and margaritas and good company. Sorry, no pics ;)
On Monday, I received several sweet cards, FB messages, presents and Andy sent me an Edible Arrangement to work. I love getting stuff sent to me at work, it makes me feel so important. :) That night, my mom watched the kids and Andy took me to my favorite restaurant, Ciao Bella, where I ate WAY too much. My stomach hurt and all I wanted to do was get in the bed and go to sleep. That's exactly what I did as soon as we got home. 
Around 10:30 I was awoken to my mom standing at the door, panic on her face, Andy jumping out of the bed and Carson screaming on the monitor. We all ran into his room where we found him "gasping" for air and coughing with this weird sound like something was caught over his trachea. I was scared to death, to the point of almost vomiting (it didn't help that I had eaten all of my chicken ravioli at dinner). We jumped in the car and rushed him to the ER at Methodist G'town. Long story short, by the time we got there he was fine. He has the croup, which is the name given to a sound in the throat caused by a virus. The virus causes the throat to swell making air passage sound crazy. If you've never heard it before and have kids, if they ever get it, it will scare the crap out of you! They gave him a steroid shot and sent us home at 1 o'clock in the morning. Needless to say I was a little sleepy yesterday at work. 
Does this look like a sick baby?
This was taken at around midnight while we were waiting for the shot.
He had been to the ENT earlier that same day so we could schedule surgery for ear tubes. At that time Dr. Jeff said everything looked fine but since he's had so many ear infections in the last couple of months and we haven't even made it to cold/flu season yet, we better go ahead and get the tubes. So, I was shocked when just 6 hours later ,we are in the ER. I couldn't help but fear it was my fault for letting him crawl around on the floor at the dr's office~at one point he put his mouth on the part of the dr's chair where people rest their feet! I was thinking, "Oh my Lord, he has licked up some crazy bacteria!" I may need to up my dosage of Lexapro ;).
He's doing better today. The steroid shot kept him up yesterday so no nap = fussy baby. They called me from the daycare to tell me he'd been crying for 3 hours and wouldn't go to sleep. Andy and I went and got him, tried to lay him down but he still cried and stayed awake. Andy took him to see his pediatrician and Dr. Phillips said the steroid will do that. Last night he woke up at 3:15 and talked to himself until 4 am at which time he decided to stand up in his crib, hold on to the rails and holler at the top of his lungs...not cry but yell out. I think he would have been calling one of our names if he could've. I went in first, made sure he was ok, rocked him for a few minutes and gave him some Tylenol. Andy rocked him for a few minutes and then I got him again. About the time he started playing and giggling, I decided I was going back to bed and he could stay up all night long if he wanted his own bed by himself. I went to bed and he did too after about 2 minutes of fussing. I'm tired again today but this too shall pass.
Oh, I forgot to mention, he turned 11 months on Monday. They weighed him and measured him in the ER:
Weight: 28 lbs 9 oz.
Length: 32 inches
Will it ever plateau?

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