Thursday, October 25, 2012

Surgery and a day home with Partners in Crime

Carson finally had tubes put in his ears after several weeks of constant ear infections and antibiotics. We went to the LeBonheur East Surgery Center early this past Tuesday. While we waited for the surgeon to arrive Carson played in their waiting area and playroom.
 I tried to hide his "after surgery" bottle behind the lamp but he found it. That was a difficult few minutes when he figured out he couldn't have it.
Hanging out with daddy (fingers always in the mouth :)
All of us :)
Dr. Jeff, our wonderful ENT, spent about 5 minutes in the OR with Carson and had the tubes in place. Afterwards, most children have a period of about 30 minutes where they are coming out of the anesthesia and they are inconsolable. Luckily, we had the "after surgery" bottle and cut around 10 minutes of the crying out. It is heart breaking because there is nothing you can do.
By the time we got home Carson was ready for a nap. He slept for 2 hours and then got up, like nothing happened and ready to play with his "Partner in Crime," Chloe. Wherever one was, there the other was. I finally started taking pictures because it was so comical how they went everywhere together.
 In the kitchen...
In the office...
At the play table...
In the bouncy seat...
In daddy's lap...
And finally, in the kennel...really, the kennel?
Overall, minus the 30 minutes after surgery, it was a good, restful day and we look forward to a winter free of ear infections!! :)

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  1. Bless his heart! I hope those tubes help. Poor bud.

    and I lol'd at the last picture. Too funny!!