Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Around the house the last few days

Yesterday, LG and Carson wore Halloween themed outfits to daycare. I never get to see them in the mornings so I asked Andy to get a picture of them and send it to me. This is what I got...
 Last night, LG told Andy and I that she was going to draw a picture and that she would call us when it was ready. She drew a picture of herself and even put her name on it.
 Then she added the rest of the family. Carson's on the far left with "Lyler" for his name, I'm on the far right~note I am bald on the top, and Andy is in the bottom left corner, apparently with food or something on the corner of his mouth. :)
This picture was taken Sunday morning. I told you in a previous post that these two go everywhere together and they really do.
Final funny story~last night I was in my closet trying to pick out something to wear to work today and LG walked in and the conversation went like this:
LG: "Is this your new iron?"
Me: "Yes, but it doesn't work. It didn't work when I bought it."
LG: "I know what's wrong with it. Let me tell you the diagnosis. A diagnosis is when you tell what is wrong with something."
Me: "Where did you hear that?"
LG: "Doc McStuffins" (a show on Disney Jr.)
Me: "OK, well, what's the diagnosis?"
LG: "It's broke."
Thanks, Doc McObvious! :)

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  1. That sounds like it belongs in thr Big Book of Boo-Boos.