Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 months

Carson turned 7 months old on June 15th so I'm a little late. He is still sleeping and eating the same as last month but he has some new tricks. He can sit up by himself now.
 He can hold his own bottle and feed himself the entire thing, unless of course he gets fidgety and then I have to give him the last ounce or so.
 He is still so big for his age! I thought at some point, maybe around 6 months that he would start to level off and thin out like LG did but that is not happening. He is wearing 18 month clothes.
Last Friday we got the below note from Carson's daycare worker, Ms. Monica. She even had him stamp it with his fingerprint. How precious is that?!
 He got to spend some time out by the pool at our next door neighbor's house last weekend. The hat is just too cute on him.
Love love love me some juicy baby "La!!"

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