Friday, June 22, 2012

Does he know his name?

We never actually call Carson by his given name. I'm not even sure if he knows it. He has so many other names...La (said like Baa~the sheep sound) is the primary name and others have spun off, i.e.:
La-ler, La-ler Bean, Bean, Beany Baby, Mr. Green Jean Butter Bean, Butters, Buddy, Bubba, Little Baby Foot~Lilley Grace grabs his foot and sings a song and now calls him that, Footer, LG calls him-Stoody, Stooders, Man, Manners, and I'm sure there are more that I have forgotten. It's literally something new everyday. Good luck with all that...La, Car...uh, whatever your name is :)  

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  1. LoL! We just talked about this the other day, how we call Gabe everything but his name! We call him Mister, Tee, Peanut, Spud, Tater and Nugget.