Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A weekend away~

As some of you already know, Andy and I went to New Orleans this past weekend to help celebrate our neighbor's 40th b-day and just to get away for a weekend together! We have never in almost 4 years been away from LG together. I have been on trips and so has Andy but never at the same time.
We weren't able to leave Southaven until 5:30 pm Friday night so we didn't get to NOLA til 12 am. Isn't that when the party gets started anyway? So we put our bags down and went out onto Bourbon. Our hotel was on the corner of Bourbon and Canal so we could walk everywhere.
The first night we saw this car trying to cross Bourbon and I had to stop him so I could get a pic with it! Notice the door is open upwards like a Ferari door!  
 Saturday night we started out a little earlier :). Tanya's friends bought her some birthday attire and MADE her wear it! LOL!
Kim, Tanya, and I
 A man on Bourbon standing like a statue, completely covered in gold paint.
 Andy and I standing outside of our hotel. Notice the beer~if you've never been to NOLA before~they let you carry your drinks everywhere. They always give you a to go cup and don't make you throw your drinks out before you come in or go out! It's crazy!!
 We saw a wedding processional~Bradshaw said it's called a 2nd line. They were playing music and waving handkerchiefs and raising parasols in the air. It was awesome!!
 I got this pic of Carson on Saturday! Apparently while my mom was watching him, he fell asleep in his jumper. She said it was like his batteries ran out.
We had a blast in NOLA and I would love for Andy and I to go back one long weekend and do all the fun "touristy" things.
 Just a bonus pic...I found this in my phone while downloading the other pics. We took it a month or so ago while on a walk around the neighborhood. Check out Carson's "shades." :)

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