Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank God for headbands and best friends!

Lilley Grace's hair is getting so long but all that means is that she has a bigger afro! :) I thought the longer her hair got, the more it would weigh and therefore it would start to drop down her back. Not the case! It has just gotten to where her ringlets hang down into her face but not at all down her back and it's too heavy for a bow so...we have found the headband! I bought some headbands that are like rubberbands and they actually stay in her hair all day!!!! YAY!!!

LG loves her friend, Landon. He doesn't go to the school she goes to now. He still goes to the school she went to first (that Carson goes to now) but she always says he is her best friend when asked. She won't even name any friends at her new school~only Landon :). Notice he is on his tiptoes and is still shorter than LG!

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