Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It is finished...

Today marks the end of an era for Andy and I~we will no longer be able to have children. Andy had a vasectomy today. It was a 15 minute procedure, it was done in the office, and he has a 48 hour recovery period. He walked out of the office with minimal discomfort and came straight home and got in the bed, mainly because they had him take a Valium before the procedure and a Lortab after so he's a little sleepy. This is the way he wanted people to think he was feeling:

Here's how he was really feeling:

(notice the devilish grin:)

So for all those guys whose wives have had multiple babies and have decided the baby making is over, a vasectomy is the way to go...just ask Andy! :)
In some ways I am glad that that's all he has to go through but I am also resentful in some ways that I had to carry two children for a total of 18 months, recover for a total of 12+ weeks, and that my body will NEVER be the same. Small price to pay, I guess, when I look at my two beautiful babies. :) I also have this upset feeling in my tummy that we won't be having any more children...I know we made the right decision but it's still hard to accept the fact that the pregnancies and baby times are over. :( It makes me realize that I need to enjoy this time with Carson because I won't experience it again.

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  1. Oh my! I just got the best laugh out of this...I'm so proud of you for writing about Andy's procedure...and just to be clear I thought all the other stuff was really sweet!