Wednesday, January 11, 2012

8 weeks but more like 4 months!!

Carson is 8 weeks old and HUGE!!! As previously posted, he eats 6.5 oz every 4 hours and is sleeping from 10 pm - 6 am. At 6 am he is STARVING!! He gets 5 bottles and over 32 oz a day but always acts as if he is still hungry! LOL!! We weighed him yesterday and he weighed 14 lbs! 8 weeks??? He is already getting too long and big for his bouncy seat, his swing, and the boppy lounger!! What to do with an infant who is too big for the only toys he can actually play in???!!!

He loves his big sister. Every time he hears her voice, he smiles. I think it is so sweet.

His first couple of days at daycare were great! His teachers are Ms. Monica (who was LG's teacher when she was an infant) and Ms. Valerie. They are both so sweet and so good to my baby. I pick LG up from her daycare first so she can go with me to "her Barn." She gets to see her old teachers and friends.

Carson is on a schedule finally!~He eats at 6 am, gets to daycare around 8 am, goes down for a nap somewhere between 8:30 - 9 am, eats at 10 am, naps again, eats at 2 pm, naps around 4 pm, gets picked up around 5 pm, eats again at 6 pm, naps around 8 pm, bath at 9:45 pm, eats and goes down for the night at 10 pm. It works out perfectly with LG because we start to bathe her and put her down at 7 pm, so Carson sits in his bouncy seat and watches me bathe LG (which she loves).

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