Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We made it!!!

Carson and I made it to 37 weeks!!! I am so glad! The above picture is dark but it's really the best that can be expected at work using an I-phone. :)

I feel ALOT of pressure!! Sometimes it is difficult to walk. I have pains that shoot down the inside of my right leg mostly towards the end of the day. I am also sore on the inside of my thighs like I have been doing squats for hours. I know I did not experience that with LG. The nurse from my OB's office called yesterday and said I am officially scheduled to have an induction on November 15th~I have to be at the hospital at 4 AM!!!!! Hopefully Carson's a morning person like I am :). I am scheduled for an ultrasound and my check up Friday and I will update right after that. Hopefully I'll be able to post a pic or two. :)

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