Friday, November 4, 2011

Could it be 11-11-11?????

No pictures to post because Carson is so pressed up in my belly that there wasn't much to see but there is news to report. He is measuring at 6 lbs 15 oz and looks to be doing just fine. However, the amniotic fluid is "a little low." Neither the tech nor Dr. Peeler seemed to be concerned but Dr. Peeler wants to see me back next Friday for another ultrasound. He also said that at that time he may send me straight to the hospital if need be. When I first found out I was pregnant and that the due date was 11-21-11, I said that it would be sooooo cool if I had him on 11-11-11. Well, next Friday is 11-11-11 so we'll see if I had a little bit of a premonition way back in March. :)

I'll keep you posted!!!

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