Sunday, November 20, 2011

So far so good...

Aren't they adorable?! LG has taken so well to her little brother. She wants to hold him, rock him, stroll him, feed him, kiss him goodnight, etc etc etc! She even has a nickname for him, "Cars-Cars." :) She is however having behavioral adjustment issues. She tests us on EVERYTHING we tell her to do. That was pretty much her attitude before he came~she's three so it comes with the territory~but it has definitely gotten worse since Carson has been here.

I am feeling good~healing up nicely :). I've had my mom and Andy here with me ever since we came home from the hospital but everybody (but me) goes back to work tomorrow so hopefully it will stay as easy around here as it has been.

Carson came home on a schedule, not to say that it will stay that way forever but as the title reads~so far so good. He has been eating 2 oz every 4 hours, starting at 6 am and he wakes up 15-30 minutes before each feeding. I have been able to stick a pacifier in his mouth and hold him off until time to eat. I just upped it from 2 oz to 2.5 oz at his last feeding (10 am) because I was noticing that he seemed hungry still. After he eats he may stay awake for 15-30 minutes and then he's right back to sleep. Last night, Andy fed him at 10 pm, he laid Carson down at 10:20 pm. Carson woke up crying at 1:30 am, I gave him his paci and woke him back up at 2 am, fed him, put him back in his bed at 2:30 am. He woke up again at 5:45 am, I gave him his paci and woke him back up at 6 am, put him back in his bed at 6:20 am (LG woke Andy and I up at 8:20 am) and I had to wake Carson up for his 10 am feeding. He stayed up after that feeding til 11 am, I put him in his bed and he is fast asleep.

We had LG in our room until she was 5 weeks old and I heard every sound she made. Carson is in his room and I only hear him when he cries which I think has made a huge difference in my anxiety level. Babies make too many little noises at first (grunts, hiccups, etc) for a new mom to relax so this has been the best for us.

I'm going to try to keep posting regarding Carson once a week like I was before to keep a journal of his growth and development. We take him to the dr on Wednesday morning for his 1 week check-up so I'll keep you posted on how that goes.


  1. TOTALLY agree with putting the baby in their own room. I couldn't handle having her in our room. That first night (within an hour I might add) we put our tiny preemie in her own crib. Talk about anxiety relief which I was totally not expecting since she was hooked to a monitor for her breathing. It's funny how everyone is different, but I feel ya on the anxiety issue!! Relax and enjoy this time!

  2. Congratulations Michelle & Andy! What a sweet little boy : ) Hope your first day on your own went well!