Tuesday, November 8, 2011

38 weeks

It is getting harder and harder to be pregnant! I think this is God's way of helping us get emotionally and mentally ready for labor. If you felt great, then you may think of all the scary things you were about to encounter, i.e. labor, recovery, new baby, etc. However, at the end, you are so ready to have the baby because you are so uncomfortable that you don't even think about those things~you think about how ready you are to NOT be pregnant anymore!!! :)

My feet and ankles are swelling, the right side more so than the left~so sexy!!!! Also, I keep getting this shooting pain down my inner thigh of my right leg~sometimes it hurts to even take a step. I hate to complain but I want to get all this down so I will remember what was going on at this time in the pregnancy. You quickly forget what it's like to be pregnant~again, I think that's God's way of protecting us and helping us to give our first children siblings. :) I will have another ultrasound on Friday and see Dr. Peeler~I'll post the details as soon as I can.

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