Friday, November 11, 2011

Dr's appt update

My fluid is still low. Dr. Peeler said I could go to the hospital if I wanted to but that he would not be able to be there to deliver the baby because he has a wedding to go to!!! Are you kidding me?!! I thought the birth of my baby was more important than any stinking wedding but apparently not :). He and the ultrasound tech both said it would be safe for me to wait until Tuesday (my scheduled induction day) to have Carson so wait we shall.

I have gained a total of 29 lbs at this point. I gained 28 with LG so it's looking like I'm on the same track. Although I do plan to eat very well this weekend (Ciao Bella tonight, pumpkin scone from Starbucks tomorrow, donut at church on Sunday) so I may put on a few more lbs by Tuesday!!! BP still holding steady at the therapist's office (124/83). It'll be funny to see how far it goes up from my anxiety in the hospital.

Funny story~when I went to the hospital with LG my first BP reading was 190/97. Alarmed, they took blood and thought I was "toxic." Of course it came back clear and I told the nurse when she told me the results, that I knew I was not toxic, just crazy! With that she brought me a Valium! True story, I swear!!!!

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