Monday, September 19, 2011

Life Saver!!!

This is the Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight. This clock has saved mine (and subsequently LG's) life! This clock can be found on for 39.95, and IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!! You can push the "foot" of it and it will say the time out loud, helping your child to learn how to tell time. However, that in no way compares to the FABULOUS light changing feature. You can set this clock to change to yellow (not just the face, the whole white part of the clock) at say, 7 PM, right as you begin to put your child to bed and it acts as a nightlight. Then, you can set it to change to green at whatever time you would like for your child to get out of bed the next morning. So, for example, ours is set to turn from white to yellow at 7 PM and from yellow to green at 6:45 AM because I do not want LG getting out of her bed before then. It has worked like a charm for us!

When LG was two and pre-clock, she went through about a month where she would get out of the bed at 5 or 5:30 AM~not acceptable!!!!! I tried to tell her she could not get out of the bed before the sun came up but when springtime hit, we were back in the same boat. Then, a wonderful friend (Kim S.) told me about this clock. Fast forward a year and this clock has become her pass to get out of the bed and not a second before, even if she is awake.

This past weekend she went to bed both Friday and Saturday night around 9 PM, which is very late for her, so I changed her wake up time to 7:45 AM. I forgot to change it back and during the week, Andy gets her up no later than 7 AM. OOPS~the clock was still yellow when he went to get LG. Even though she was awake, she was still lying in her bed and told Andy that he could not talk to her yet because her clock was not green!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Like I said, works like a charm! If you are having issues with your child getting out of bed too early or in the night, get this clock!! You will not be sorry!

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