Friday, September 2, 2011

Carson at 28 weeks

Well, I have decided Carson is stubborn, just like his daddy!! :) I went today for a 4D ultrasound and he refused to look at the camera. My friend (the tech) said she "hadn't seen a baby that balled up in a long time." He was facing my back and buried in the placenta, asleep the whole time. She kept pushing on him and jiggling him around and he wouldn't budge!! This was the best picture she could get! Out of 30 minutes, he turned his face slightly towards the front for about 2 minutes!!

He is measuring at right at 3 lbs and has a "big head!" I am not shocked at all. LG has a big head~I can hardly get shirts over it! Sometimes I feel like I need a shoe horn! LOL!!!!! He is breach right now. Hopefully he'll turn around in the next few weeks.

My mom went with me and when we got to the dr's office, Andy's step mom was sitting outside of the dental office next door. His dad was inside having some work done. How crazy!!! She was able to come in with us to see Carson and then Andy's dad came in when he was done next door. I am so excited that they got to experience that with us. Maybe we'll get to do it again before he gets here. 11 weeks to go!!!!!

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