Friday, September 16, 2011

30 1/2 weeks

Sorry for the delay in posting. My phone went crazy and that's how I take my pics. I missed last week but I don't feel like a lot has changed with the belly in the past couple of weeks so you didn't miss much. One thing that has changed, which I did not experience with LG, is the protrusion of my belly button. I had to put a band aid over it today because my dress rubbed up against it so much yesterday, it made it super sensitive. The band aid, by the way, is a Cars' band aid! LOL!! Don't judge me~it's all we had.

Sleeping is getting increasingly difficult (position-wise) and I'm starting to not be able to eat very much at each sitting. I feel so full right after I start eating. It kind of sucks because I really enjoy food. :) I go to the dr for my check up next Wednesday so we'll see what's new.

I have to find some curtains for Carson's room! I started out trying to buy fabric to have someone make them but after one trip to Hancock's and being completely overwhelmed with all the different fabrics and colors, I have decided to buy pre-made curtains. Well, I take that back, I am going to give it one more shot this weekend~I'm going to JoAnn's and The Premiere, both recommended by my "decorating/sewing/creative" friends. If that doesn't work, navy curtains from PBK it is! Wish me luck!!!!!!

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