Thursday, December 15, 2011

One month old!

Carson is one month old today! I can't believe it! It feels like it's gone by fast but it also feels like we've had him forever! The Zantac seems to be helping so far. He took good naps today and went down relatively easy~easy as you can expect for a one month old. :) He cried it out a couple of times but typically that only lasts at the most 15 minutes. The last two nights he has gone down around 9 pm and has woken up at 1 am for a middle of the night feeding and then again at 6 am. Andy has gotten up at 1 am so I have gotten to sleep through the night, although I do hear him when he gets back in the bed and it takes me a little while to go back to sleep, it's better than having to get up and do the feeding.

I am getting bored at home and can't get Carson out for fear of RSV. I get stir crazy and am trying to keep myself busy so I don't go ;) But I keep reminding myself that Christmas is coming and I'll be back at work before I know it so I need to TRY to enjoy this time off. My mom will be home with me starting Tuesday so that should be fun. I need to stay focused on the positives of the newborn phase~he'll be LG's age before I know it.

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