Sunday, December 11, 2011

LG's 1st Christmas Program

This was LG right before her Christmas program at her daycare last Thursday. There were 5 classes of 3 year olds and each class got up and sang 3 songs. LG and her classmates sang~Happy Birthday to Jesus, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and Isaiah 9:6. At the end they said, "Go Jesus, It's Your Birthday, Go Jesus!" and did their hands up like they were "raising the roof!" Hilarious!!!! They also asked all the kids a question about Santa, i.e. What is Santa's favorite food, favorite color, etc. They asked LG and 2 of her friends how Santa gets into their houses. One kid said, "through the tree," but LG being the rational one that she is said..." he can come through my front door." Duh! How else would he get into our house, right? Every other kid said something off the wall but my kid says something that totally makes sense...

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  1. Aw. How sweet! I bet the Go Jesus song was hilarious!!