Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The effects of Mimi's house

Lilley Grace spent the night with Andy's mom (Mimi) Friday night. She picked her up at 5:45 pm and they went to Chuck E. Cheese, the yogurt place, to ride the escalators at Dillard's and then home to eat dinner. Needless to say, LG's 8 pm bedtime was not met. Mimi wouldn't even tell us what time LG went to bed so I can only imagine that it was probably somewhere close to 11 pm! The next morning she woke up at 6:30 am (she usually sleeps til at least 6:45) and they played, had donuts, went to the park, fed the ducks and came home around 12 pm. LG was a mess from the second she got out of the car. She was in desperate need of a nap! We put her down at 1:30 and she slept until almost 5!! She usually sleeps a max of 2 hours so Andy went in to check on her after 3 hours and this is what he found. She has never gotten out of her bed and certainly never slept on the floor. LOL! I can only attribute this to a Mimi induced delirium. :)

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