Tuesday, October 11, 2011

34 weeks

Week 34 is here! This pregnancy has flown by! I definitely did not say that about the first pregnancy~I felt like I was pregnant forever with LG, but not this time. I'm not sure what to attribute that to...maybe because I am so busy with LG or because the middle of my pregnancy was through the summer this time and that always flies by. Hmmmm...not sure.

I packed mine and Carson's bags for the hospital last night, only because friends kept telling me that I needed to...isn't it a little early for that? Anyway, I guess he could technically come at any time but let's pray that he waits til November 15 (scheduled induction day). I was having braxton hicks contractions ALL THE TIME at this point when I was pregnant with LG but this time I have only a few a day and they are very spread out. They are getting more intense though which causes me to wake up sometimes in the middle of the night. Otherwise everything is pretty much the same.

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