Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The busy social life of Lilley Grace

 Lilley Grace has a busy life to be 6. She wants to do everything. She wants to be going all the time...don't know where she gets that from. ;) The last couple of weeks have been extra busy and I know it will only get busier with the holidays coming.
My mom and I had Veterans' Day off but Desoto Co. schools were in so we went and had lunch with her. I'm not sure why she makes this face in the majority of her pics but it is comical.
 She wanted to have her picture made with her teachers~Ms. Rhonda is the assistant and shes' wearing the blue sweater. Mrs. Robertson (in the black) is the teacher. LG loves her. I love her too. I am so happy with LG's current school.
 LG has wanted to play basketball since she was 18 months old. For her 2nd Christmas we got her a Little Tykes basketball goal and she played with it until her b-day this year, when we bought her a full-sized b-ball goal. She slept with a full sized b-ball for a few months when she was 18 months. She has always had a thing for it. She is tall so that works out in her favor if this continues to be her sport of choice.
She had her first practice on a rec b-ball league at 2nd Presbyterian (our church). When I received the schedule of the games, I immediately looked for the play-off dates...where's the play-off dates???!!! Apparently at age 6 they're "not competing, they're just having fun." WHAT?! When I questioned Andy about this he told me to settle down, she's 6...OK...
 Learning to bounce pass
 Learning how to hold the ball and shoot from your arm and not your hand
I see this being a very interesting season for both of us. ;)
LG had her Thanksgiving program at school. It was so sweet. They sang and played instruments. She had a little one-line speaking part.
Please note this was right after b-ball practice, hence the a-little-crazier-than-usual hair. :)
Last but not least, I leave you with a selfie taken by master photographer, Carson. Have a great week before Thanksgiving! Carson's b-day post to come!

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