Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween weekend

Our weekends are so busy, add a holiday in there and whew, it'll wear you out! Needless to say, we had fun with family and friends ALL weekend. We are so blessed to have such good people to spend time with! Here are a few pics (I didn't take nearly enough) of our week leading up to Halloween and the weekend.
 We started off at the Halloween store. LG (and Andy) had to try on all the masks at the check-out counter.
 This was Carson on the way to his Halloween party at daycare. His bucket obviously works better as a hat...
 Friday night we trick or treated in our neighborhood with Andy's cousin, Becca's, family and then we went to a Halloween party in a neighboring subdivision at our friend, Renay's, house. The kids went on a hayride in their neighborhood and got tons of candy, a ridiculous amount actually. :) You're probably saying, "I know this is not the only picture you got on Halloween night!" is.
 LG was a vampire and Carson was her victim. One guess whose idea that was. Hint~she has curly hair...
 Saturday Carson we woke up early and went to get coffee and donuts and visit with my mom. I knew this was coming but there are no words to describe my excitement when the red holiday cups come out at Starbucks. A little holiday light turns on inside me. It's one of my most favorite things in the world!!!
 LG learned how to stick a spoon to her nose. She said I "wouldn't be able to do it probably because my nose was so pointy"...really??? OK...
 Saturday afternoon LG and I went to see my little cousin Kennedy compete in the Regional cheerleading competition with Desoto Central Middle School. I haven't been to a competition like that since I cheered. Oh my, it brought back some memories! Things have not changed at all.
LG and Bryson waiting for Kennedy to come out and perform
Here she is doing a scale! She's on top. She did such a great job. We were so proud of her!
Jennifer, LG, and Aunt Penny outside the Landers Center after the competition
Lastly, and this probably deserves it's own post, but we are in the middle of trying to potty train Carson. He is so stubborn (like all most men). This particular day last week, he tee-teed in the potty 6 times!!
That was huge. He is so much harder to train than LG. Once she figured out she could go in the potty, she did...every time, without fail, went to the potty. Carson on the other hand, doesn't care to go in the potty unless he feels like it. So he may one day or one time and may not the next. We've tried candy, the big boy underwear tactic, watch everybody else go and then go tactic (which I always thought was creepy but whatever works, right?) It's a bit frustrating but I promised myself I was not going to get all worked up over this potty training business but boy am I being tested! 
We have got a lot going on over the next couple of months and I am SO excited! Let the holiday season begin!!!

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