Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A birthday and a check up

Oh my, it is killing me that Carson is growing up so fast. I spent the first two years of Lilley Grace's life trying to get to the next stage. I spent the first two years of Carson's life trying to prevent the next stage. I realized with LG that most problematic behaviors were just a phase and that I needed to stop wishing the time away. Carson has gotten the full benefit of that. I hold him more (which is difficult because he's been HUGE since about 2 months), am more tolerant of not so good behaviors :), I lay with him at night to get him settled to sleep, I rock him more, I cuddle him when he's sad, mad, or hurt, I rock him when he'll let me~all things I didn't do with LG because this certain book I read, Babywise, scared me into thinking that if I did all these things, she would never be able to sleep on her own or be independent of me. I envied people who could just roll with the situations because I was always so anxious that I would be screwing her up by providing what this book calls "props." When in reality I was taking away from both her and my experience of the years when they will let you hold them, rock them, kiss them, sleep with them, etc.  I am determined to do it differently with Carson!
Don't get me wrong, I am still a scheduler and a proponent of setting limits and feeding/sleeping schedules but not all babies are the same and can be explained in one book.
Anyway, back to the reason for the post. Carson turned 3 this past Saturday. It is so hard to believe that he went from this little bitty baby to this big boy in the blink of an eye.

We had his b-day party at our house this year. We invited some friends and family over for donuts and juice. The plan was to let the kids play outside but it was very cold that morning so we moved the bounce house into the garage. We also let the kids paint and use chalk in the garage. Here are some pics from the party:
Carson and Shisha (Alisha)
 Carson kissing Kenzie Jo. He is so ready for her to come out. He keeps telling Alisha to take her out and let him see her.
 Painting in the garage
 All Carson wanted for his b-day was "purple." So we got him a purple cake (made by cousin Missy), purple donut shaped cookies, purple balloons, purple everything. If you'll notice above, he chose the purple piece of butcher paper to paint on. :)
Purple cake complete with purple #3
 Missy, Linda, and I
 Michael, Peppi, and Dan (photobombing)
 Dan and DeeDee
 Carson (Me) opening his presents. LG and Liam wanted to open everything and Carson was not concerned with anything after he opened the present with balls.
 From the party on, he has been obsessed with the footballs. Even though he got baseballs and soccer balls and a tricycle and cars, he sleeps with the football and holds the football constantly.
 It warmed up a little as the party was winding down so everybody went outside to play with the balls. We had a blast out there! So thankful for our big backyard.
Andy took Carson to his 3 year check-up yesterday. He is doing very well developmentally, verbally, he's about 80% potty-trained, meaning he still wears pull-ups but goes to the potty most of the day and still wears diapers at night~work in progress. Again, I am not letting that stress me out like I did with LG. Eventually, he will get it. 
Weight: 40 lbs (95th percentile)
Height: 40 inches (90th percentile)
Precious as precious can be! He has an attitude right now~crying and yelling when things don't go his way. I remember thinking 3 was much worse with LG than 2 and that has held true with Carson as well but I am enjoying every minute of it because this too shall pass and I'll be sad to see it go.

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