Thursday, February 14, 2013

Budding photographer?

LG gets a hold of my phone all the time and loves to look at all the pics and watch the little home movies of her and Carson over and over and over. However, the other day, she decided she would just take some of her own pictures. She went around telling us how to pose and then snapped away. Here are some of her finest works :)
In this picture she told Andy that she only wanted a picture of me so he should "get behind me."
 I was told to just get out of the picture all together.
 She asked me to make a silly face
 and for Andy to make a silly face.
 Then she gave me the phone, got up on the ottoman in Carson's room and told me to take a pic of her.
Sassafras~enough said!

1 comment:

  1. That is hilarious that you call her sassafras-I was just calling Kate that the other night and then we started saying she was sassy, and she looked at me and said "sa-ssy!"...and now it's her new word :). Gotta love our sassy girls, right??