Friday, August 24, 2012

Pet Cemetery

Another one bites the dust...
After Bella died LG asked for a fish so we bought her the most "low maintenance" fish we knew of, a Betta. We asked some fish owning friends of ours what kind of tank we should get and they explained that Bettas don't need a lot, just a small space to swim around, a plant to hide in and we could get a tank with a filter so we wouldn't have to clean it as often. 
We bought a 2 gallon tank and "Flippy" the fish and everyone was happy...until the tank was assembled wrong and "Flippy" was sucked up into the filter. Really?! Only at the Adair house where death comes swiftly and cruelly to all small creatures. So~we took the tank and the dead fish back to Petco for a full refund, where we bought a new tank (one with a filter cover) and "Flippy #2." 
R.I.P., Flippy #1.
Good luck, Flippy #2.

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