Friday, August 24, 2012

A black eye and an insight into Heaven

LG got her first black eye last Friday when she and another child collided at daycare during a riveting game of duck, duck, goose. This pic was taken on Wednesday after 5 days of healing so you can only imagine what it looked like Saturday morning.
My mom and LG went on a walk last night and had a very spiritual conversation. It started off with LG talking about God and then she said something about "The Lord" and then she said something about Jesus. So my mom asked her who Jesus was and LG said, "God and The Lord and Jesus are all the same person." She went on to say that her granddaddy (my dad) went to heaven because God needed help. My mom asked her what God needed help with and she replied that God needed help with prayers because everybody prays and Granddaddy needed to help God get all the prayers. The conversation ended as follows:
LG: "Do you know how you get up to Heaven?" 
Mom: "How?" 
LG: "You float?"
LG: "You remember how my Chick-Fil-A balloon floated up to Heaven~it's because Jesus needed a blue balloon."
So precious!


  1. Bless her heart! What a wonderful soul she is. I love how children see the world.

  2. Aww...that is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time. It's amazing that adults try to make God etc so complicated, yet children understand Him perfectly.

    Hope her little eye heals nicely.