Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So much to share...

Let me start off by saying that the past few weeks of my life were a complete whirlwind. I didn't have time to think, let alone post on the blog. So, two things are about to happen...1. I am going to unload a ton of pics and 2. unload a ton of info about what has happened in our lives in such a short time.
It all started on Wednesday, Dec. 18 with LG and I attending PJ story time at our church. After the story, we sat around with our friends, had cookies and some fellowship time.
 Thursday, Dec 20, I went to LG's school to have lunch with her and attend her Christmas party. It was so much fun to be able to see her in her classroom, with her friends. 
Friday, Dec 20, we FINALLY closed on our house and started packing what little we took to the apartment so we could try to get settled in the house by Christmas Eve, with prayers of being able to have a tree up for Christmas. While we were in the apartment, we had NO room for a tree so I didn't put one up. LG asked me how Santa would know we were celebrating Christmas if we didn't have a tree. I told her we wanted Santa to visit us in our new house so we would put one up there, which bought me time in the apartment but forced me into having a tree in the house even if it was still covered in moving boxes!
The apartment as we were packing it up.
 The hallway of the apartment. Side note~we were not going to hire movers because we NEVER have and Andy has 2 large trucks that we pack everything in. However, the forecast for "moving" weekend was severe thunderstorms all weekend! Really?! Not nice but we hired movers and it helped us get into the house faster!
I had to go to the apartment after everything was moved out and clean it. The kids came with me and at one point I walked into the kitchen and found Carson in the refrigerator. LOL!
 We worked our tails off all weekend (Dec. 21-22). My mom and Andy's mom watched the kids so we could be about the business of unpacking and making the house livable.
This is the living room view from the kitchen.
 The dining room
Another view of the dining room~Andy won me that cross at a silent auction. It reads, "It is finished." LOVE IT!!
 The entry way
 The guest bathroom
 Another view of the guest bathroom
 The hearth room
 Breakfast area
And lo and behold~a sweet little Christmas tree just in time for Christmas Eve! Thank you Lord for making that possible!
 A few miscellaneous activities we were able to participate in while we were on break:
LG and I served dinner to some homeless people downtown through our church. Of course, she made a friend in the sweet piano player. She helped set up the tables and then sat with him the rest of the time. She has such a sweet heart~what an answer to prayer.
 My mom took LG to get some new shoes and Santa happened to be at the shoe store.
We ate at Hooters for lunch on Christmas Eve! That should be an Adair family tradition. We all love that place so much.
 LG spread out the food for the reindeer and alas, I have NO pics from Christmas day.
I will, however, leave you with mine and Andy's New Year's gangsta shot.
Don't get it twisted~we may have moved to a house in the OB but we grew up in Hickory Hill. Apparently, you can take the kid out of Hickory Hill but you can't take the gangsta out of the kid!
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!!


  1. LOVING the house....so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful house, Michelle!!! Love it and so happy for you!!!