Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bachelorette weekend

This past weekend, I went with a group of girls to Nashville to celebrate my BFF, Alisha's bachelorette statuts. :) We got there around 7ish Friday night and hooked up with our other BFF, Shannon, who lives in Nashville. 
Alisha, Shannon, and I~friends since middle school
 We went to a Mexican restaurant called Cantina Loredo for dinner. While the wait was almost 2 hours, I would dare to say it was worth it because the food and margaritas were fabulous but next time we'll be calling ahead for reservations! We then went to a karaoke bar that had a dance club attached and if you know me at all, you know I.WAS.IN.HEAVEN!!! I love to dance and dance I did until early morning!
Saturday morning, Shannon's son was playing in a soccer game so a few of us went and watched him. We spent the rest of the day at the Opry Mills Mall doing some shopping.
"Room 1"~Tanya, Tina, me, and Shannon
 Saturday night we went to The Patterson House, where again the wait was 2 hours. They took our number and called us when our table was ready so we were able to go hang out at some other bars locations until time to eat. The Patterson House is definitely an experience but I don't know if I would go back again. It's really not a place you would go for dinner; it has more like appetizers. Everything about the drinks is freshly made, which is kind of cool but I wasn't that impressed. Drinks at Iris will do me just fine. :) We tried to go out downtown afterwards but it was just packed and we had really done it up the night before. 
We headed back in around 12 am. We headed back Sunday morning and this is what I came back to: 
LG spent the night with my cousin, Jennifer, on Friday night and Jennifer took 1.5 hours of her time to straighten her hair. WOW! Lots of hair. LG loved it and she wanted to show everybody, so she kept it straight Saturday while she went to a birthday party and Sunday while she went to church. She realized that while having straight hair is fun (since she's never seen it that way in her entire 5 years), most people LOVE her curls. I am so glad that she got to have this experience so she will stop wishing for straight hair and can appreciate how unique she is with her curls. 
Funny thing~Andy was so upset when he saw her hair straight because he truly believed that it would stay that way forever...I asked him what planet he was from and quickly informed him that the second water touched her hair, it would go right back to the way it was! Men...

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