Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This baby...

is technically not a baby anymore. :( Sigh...Although I will say he still loves to snuggle with his mama. :) Last night he asked me to lay down with him. So we laid down on the couch and watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which is one of his faves. He also loves Team Umi Zoomi, which he calls "Zoomi Zoomi", Tickety Tock ("Ticky Tock"), Elmo, and Yo Gabba Gabba ("Gabba").
I wanted to document some of the things he is saying and doing right now. I always think I will remember but when I look back on years past, I see that there are so many things I have forgotten.
He immediately says "I sorry, I sorry, mama" if he does something wrong. He says "her" instead of she. I absolutely love that. Ex: "Her not being nice to me." He knows all his colors, letters, shapes, numbers to 15. He can name them if you write them and point to them. He loves his "pup pups." He has 3 of them but he only gets to have 2 at a time so if one gets lost I always have a back up in the closet. He knows where it is and doesn't try to get it. :) Chloe chewed the ears off of 2 of them and his favorite is the one with the ears. He calls them "puppin no ears" and "puppin ears." He has gotten into the habit of talking in this high pitched voice. He loves his classroom and can tell me all that is going on and who has done what. He named almost all of the kids in his class last night so we could write their names on the Valentine's cards. He loves church, which he calls "learn about Jesus." We go on Wednesday nights and after dinner he says, "I'm ready to go to my class." (AKA, the nursery). He loves trucks (especially his big dump truck) and he carries around a plastic reciprocating saw that he calls his "pow thing." If he gets mad at you for whatever, he says, "Let me go get my pow thing" and then he'll come back and poke you with the saw. He loves to play with any type of ball. He loves to dance. If a song comes on or music of any kind comes on around him, he will start dancing. He actually has some rhythm. He gets stuck when he's trying to say something. I hope it's not some sort of speech impediment because we think it's so cute. Ex: The other morning he called and asked me if I had taken my medicine (vitamins) and I told him that I hadn't because I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. He told Andy, "Her has to eat her bre...bra...br...supper." He'll just switch to a word he can say that's close to whatever he's trying to say. He is almost completely potty trained. He sleeps in a diaper at night but goes all day in underwear. 
I'm sure I'm missing something. He is such a blessing to our family. He and LG get along so well and he has such a sweet spirit. I am looking forward to watching him grow but right now I will keep relishing in the things that still make him my baby. :)

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