Monday, May 12, 2014

Family time

We have been spending a lot of time lately doing things with family and friends, whether it be just the 4 of us or our extended family. We have been spending a lot of time outside these past few weeks. By the time we all get home in the afternoon, the sun is setting and it feels so good. The kids run around in the driveway, playing basketball, blowing bubbles, riding on their toys, or we walk around the neighborhood~sometimes all of the above. The kids have been getting in bed past their bedtimes because we stay outside until the sun goes down. We LOVE our new house, yard, and neighborhood. There are so many kids and so much to do.
One afternoon, Andy was doing some yard work and Carson decided he needed to help.  
 All of us, sitting on the bed of Andy's truck one afternoon.
My God~daughter, Madison, and LG playing outside.
Fun times playing at the Loefflers'. Their backyard is a playland. We love to go over there and hang out~there's so much to do!
 My God-brother got married last month in Columbus, MS. My mom and I went down for the day to attend the festivities.
My Fairy God-mother and I :)
 Tad and I
 I had to post about this~Andy sends me sweet little pics on my phone when he thinks I might be having a bad day, just to make me smile. He sent me this one last week! The message read, "Why hello...hope you are having a good day." Isn't that the sweetest?!
 Lilley Grace had her Kindergarten program last Tuesday. It was called "Down on the Farm with Mama Goose." It was so cute! Each class performed a different nursery rhyme. LG was the cat and the fiddle from "Hey Diddle Diddle." She got to stand next to her BFF, Olivia, who was the dog ("who laughed to see such a sport").
 Lately, people have been saying that LG is starting to look more like me...not so sure about that.
 Big news, LG lost her first tooth on Sunday, May 4th. We were having lunch with some friends after church and she hit it with her hand while playing. It was already loose but once it was hit, it flew out of her mouth onto the floor of the restaurant. Luckily, one of our friend's kids found it. The tooth fairy came and brought her $5. 
Funny story~when Andy woke her up for school the morning that the tooth fairy came, LG looked over at the place we put the $ and saw it. She pulled the $ out and the conversation went like this:
LG: "Where's my elephant?" 
Andy: "What elephant?"
LG: "It was right here! Where's my elephant?!"
By this point, she was getting very frustrated, she was looking under pillows, and trying to move Andy out of the way to look under him.
Andy: "What did it look like?'
LG (in an exasperated voice): "It was gray and had big floppy ears!"
Andy: "Where did you get it?"
LG: "The tooth fairy brought it to me."
Andy: "Honey, I think you're still half asleep. The tooth fairy doesn't usually bring things like that..."
Andy said she was so groggy but she finally gave up on finding the imaginary elephant. 
Well, that about sums up our last month, lots of outside time and fun end of the year activities. More to come so stay tuned...

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