Friday, March 7, 2014

A February picture compilation

So February was a came and went with no real event~hard to believe since someone is usually injured or making a life changing decision in the Adair family. Alas, nothing big, just a lot of little happenings.
This past Monday everybody was off work and out of school because of the "ice storm" we had. The kids drive me crazy at this age, 1) because Carson is into EVERYTHING and 2) because LG never stops talking. I have to confine Carson when it's time to play so he won't use his car to climb onto this changing table or draw on the wall with a pen he found in a drawer when my head was turned for literally a quarter of a second, or whatever else. And when the two are together, it's chaos sooooo, we made sure to include a playroom in this new house, one that was all by itself upstairs where the kids could go and I could NOT. However, they don't want to be up there without, isn't that just rude! I mean I had 2 so they could play with each other and they still insist that I am with them at ALL times!!!
So, Monday when it was too cold and wet to go outside, we spent some of the day upstairs and this is some of the fun that was had:
Carson tackling LG~Chloe's right there too
Carson trying to bite LG
Finally, all tired of rolling around so they stopped to watch Olivia
Watching the snow and wishing they could go out and play but it was entirely too wet and soggy with our new sod.
It's hard to believe that the Saturday before we were all outside in our backyard playing with no jackets on because it was in the 60's!
One night, Andy needed to get some bushes in the ground and the kids wanted to help. So stinkin' sweet!
I threw a shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends, Alisha, a couple of weeks ago. We have been friends since 5th grade, took countless trips together, I basically lived with her on the weekends in middle and high school, we lived together in an apartment in grad school for 3 years. We have been through a lot together. She was the Maid of Honor in my wedding and I will be the Matron of Honor in hers in two weeks.
Melissa (her SIL), Alisha, me, and my mama 
Speaking of oldest and dearest friends~LG and her friend Taylor have been friends since the day LG was born (they were probably unaware :). They were born one day apart in the same hospital and her mom and I are great friends. Even though they don't live here anymore, I hope to be able to visit them often and hope the girls will remain close as they grow up.
We went out to eat last weekend and I got a to-go box. Carson decided he needed it for his fries and silverware. LOL!
We've been trying to get out and walk some through the neighborhood in an attempt to meet some of our neighbors. LG usually pulls the wagon but by this time in the walk, she had decided she would rather ride too.
LG and her daddy have an awesome relationship, which I prayed for. Here they are having a Valentine's day sucker together and watching some Peppa Pig.
All in all, February was a fun family month. Looking forward to March madness!

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