Thursday, August 22, 2013

Off to Kindergarten

 I can't believe Lilley Grace is in Kindergarten! I think every parent goes through a period of denial with any major transition in their kids' lives, at least I hope so because I am struggling!
LG, on the other hand, couldn't be more excited! She loves her class, school, teacher, and especially that she gets to "ride the bus on the big street with no seat belt." Really?~that's the most exciting thing about kindergarten? Oh, to enjoy the small things in life...;)
 We went the week before she started and toured the school, met her teacher, and got familiar with her new room.
 This is the front of the school.
This is her classroom~doesn't that look like such fun? It made me want to be an elementary school counselor for about 6 minutes and then I was brought back to reality by the chaos once more kids got in the room.
While I'm checking out where her cubby is, signing up for various committees and treat months, putting her school supplies in the appropriate bins, etc., LG and Daddy are making sure there are plenty of things to play with. :)
We found the activity room on our tour and LG ran up on the stage and told asked me to take her picture while she posed. LOL! Wonder where she gets that from...
This is her teacher whom several of our friends whose children had her previously say is the sweetest lady. That's one of the pluses of living in a small town~someone you know well knows someone you would like to know better. ;)
This is the first day of school. Of course, Andy and I both went in to work late so we could walk her into her classroom. She was soooo excited.
This picture says it all!
**I was so optimistic about this year since her partner in crime is at another school but since this picture 2 weeks ago, she has already received a write up from school for being on red. I got it yesterday and was asked to sign it indicating I saw it. There were several lines that can be checked indicating which issue the student was having. Out of about 15 lines, 7 were checked!!! Things like, not raising your hand to talk, talking when you're not supposed to, playing in the bathroom, playing in the cafeteria, not staying in your seat, the bottom of the note it read. "Please talk to Lilley Grace about obeying." What?!!!! I was livid and embarrassed! I told LG that she embarrassed me and she said, "You weren't embarrassed, you weren't even there." I had to stop, breathe, and remember that she is in the concrete thinking stage of development and that she was literally thinking how could I be embarrassed when I wasn't at school with her. I explained that she is a reflection of me and that it better not happen again. We'll see...

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