Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The princess & the tea party

Life Church in Cordova hosted a Tea Party for little "Princesses" a couple of weeks ago. We were invited by our friends Tamara and Tatiana. Kathy and Peyton came too. It was so nice! When each girl walked in, they walked through a balloon arch and "Prince Charming" introduced them over a microphone and everyone clapped. 
There were several tables that the girls could go to and do different activities.
The coloring table
 After being at the face painting table
 There was a backdrop for the girls to get their pics made in front of~
Peyton, LG, and Tatiana
 Silly faces
 Then, we all sat down for tea and cookies. After which, they served dinner.
 The girls posing at the table
 The mamas posing at the table
 Silly faces for mamas too!
After dinner, Mother Goose read the story of Jesus. Then they played music and we all got up and danced.
We had so much fun! We love that church. It would be my back up if we didn't go to 2PC and we moved to Cordova, which are both highly unlikely but it's always nice to have a back up plan. ;)

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