Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Overload

 This summer was crazy busy and crazy fun! We all had so much fun spending time with friends and family. 
For the first time during the summer LG did not go to daycare. She went to her BFF's house and a babysitter kept them there. We love her babysitter~she's like family to us!
Going to Carly's orthodontist appt with her.
 We added a table and some lighting outside so we were able to eat dinner out there when it wasn't 190 degrees.
 Tina and I went to see Nelly in Nashville. He is one of my all time faves, and he was too close to home for me not to go see him in concert!
 It was an awesome concert. TLC and NKOTB were there as well but my heart is in Nellyville!! ;)
 We also hosted a retirement party for our dear friend, Mike. Got the old work crew together and had a blast as usual.
 Andy and I were invited by 2 of our closest friends to their condo in Navarre Beach, FL for a week at the first of June. We went with 2 other couples and had a very relaxing time.
 The boardwalk
 On the beach right before sunset
(we didn't try to match shirts on purpose)
 Andy driving the pontoon boat to Crab Island
 Ricky and Renay
 We spent a lot of time with Kenzie Jo~my kids are obsessed with her
 My kids are also obsessed with Alex's girlfriend
 Sweet friends
 Carson and LG got to stay up late in the summer and watch their favorite show right now, Paw Patrol
LG and Ellie spent most of the summer in Ellie's pool
 Sonic became a regular stop after long, hot days
 Many a fort were built. 
FYI~I don't participate in the fort building...that's a daddy or Peppi thing
 Family brunch date at Lafayette's Music Room
 Carson wants a saxophone now~not happening
 Pre-July 4th fireworks show
 Lots of trips to our favorite donut shop~Charlie's
 2 of our very good friends moved to San Jose, CA so we tried to see them as much as we could before they left.
One night we all met at The Bayou for dinner and then went to Belly Acres for dessert. Andy and I got Lamar as our sign~that is SO us! :) 
 We went to Sweet Grass for dinner one night as couples
All the girls went to Second Line for dinner one night
 Then it was tournament time once again! This weekend is my absolute favorite of the year! It's the weekend my dad passed away 6 years ago. My whole family comes in town for the weekend to honor the memory of my dad. We fill it with dinners and just time to be with each other. My cousin Scott is always the first one in town. He comes on Thursday night and spends the weekend at our house. Every one else gets hotel rooms. Thursday night we order pizza and catch up with Scott. Friday morning the guys (my cousins and Andy) meet for golf. They usually play all day. Friday night after the rest of the family arrives we go out to dinner somewhere nice. This year we went to Mesquite Chop House in Southaven. Saturday morning is the golf tournament at Wedgewood to raise money for the American Heart Association. So many friends and family come out to play and just to show their support. This year we raised almost $3000 for the AHA!!! Saturday night we usually go out to eat again somewhere low key~this year it was Rancho Grande (our favorite Mexican restaurant) and then all go back to our house. We had so much fun this year, laughing and just being together! LOVE my family! Miss my dad sooooooo much. Getting together with family and friends was his thing but knowing we are together for him means so much and makes that weekend a happy one!
Scott arriving Thursday~the kids love him! 
 LG at Rancho Saturday night
 LG's 7th birthday was July 29th~Andy and I put streamers over her door while she was sleeping
 She woke up and busted through! Welcome to being 7!
 BFFs since middle school! Alisha and I went to Nashville and surprised Shannon for her 40th birthday. We kidnapped her and spent Saturday together, eating, drinking, and talking. We went to the pool and then went downtown Saturday night. We spent the night in a hotel and took her home Sunday morning. We talked so much that my throat hurt Sunday! LOVE THESE TWO!!!
 Went to Meet the Jags night last weekend to support Alex and the football team. Since then he has also made the Desoto Central baseball team which is a BIG deal in Southaven! So proud of him.
Couldn't resist getting a pic of this sweet girl looking at her mommy.
 Lg and I entertained Kenzie last weekend while Alisha and Michael got their house ready to put on the market. They live 2 miles from us now but we hope they'll move even closer. ;)
Summer is over but we have tons going on this Fall! Stay tuned. :)